Hawk Miniatures Paint Brushes

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hawk Miniatures Paint Brushes

Hawk Miniatures paintbrushes have been created with the scale modeler in mind and produced by a firm with a long history of almost 100 years in brush making.

All of our brushes come with plastic coverings to protect the bristles. We recommend washing the brushes before painting with them. The brush heads have been crafted from 100% kolinsky male sable.

The ferrules are made of stainless steel with the full brush details on the handle in clearly written lettering including the brush size. The brush handles are well balanced, sit comfortably in the hand, and are finished using quality wood with a black lacquered finish.

The actual brush head is secure, and the whole package shows expertise and quality in making.

The range consists of Round brushes with standard length bristles, flat brushes and Angled Liners. The round brushes are good for general all round use. The flat brushes are good for blocking in areas and blending.

The flat brushes are ideal for a large or smooth flat surface for example uniform coats or headwear as well as being very useful for doing washes and a streaking effect ( rust perhaps on AFVs or sweat on a face)

While the Angle Liners are a bit more specialized for streaky blending and other, line effects.


Round: 3,2,1,0,00,3x0,4x0,5x0,10x0

Flat: 4,3,2,1,0,00

Angle: 4,2,1,0

Caring for your Hawk Miniature brushes

  • Never use your brush to remove paint from the pot or mix and thin paint on your palette as this can damage the tip.
  • Never allow paint to gather more than half way along the bristles from the tip.
  • Rinse the brushes regularly in cold water during painting to help avoid paint build up.
  • Always replace the cap after working and store the brush with the tip pointing down.<l/i>

This will stop liquids or debris from accumulating in the ferrule and stop the tip from distorting or misshaping, prolonging the life of the brush.

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